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Hi, I’m
Juan Carlos

I’m a creator at heart, a filmmaker by instinct, and a polymath who thrives on diversity. My life’s work is about framing: capturing, exploring, and sometimes breaking conventional boundaries to uncover deeper truths.

My Story

From directing award-winning films to leading product innovation at startups, my career spans the creative and the analytical. I’ve authored children’s books under desert skies, each designed to spark curiosity and independent thought in young minds. Whether through technology that simplifies complex issues or through mental models that enhance clarity, I constantly strive to reimagine how we perceive and interact with the world.

In my personal life, I’m a father fascinated by nature and humanity’s marvels. I share this wonder with my children as we explore the world’s beauty together. Every day offers a new frame, reminding us that what we focus on defines our lives’ story.

Major Projects

Know How

I wrote and directed Know How with youth in foster care. The film captures the reality of life in the system and those dealing with it.

Second Skin

I directed and edited Second Skin, a film that uncovers the intricate dynamics of online gaming and its impact on the lives of real people.

White Roof Project

I founded this United States-based nonprofit organization in 2010. Its primary mission was to combat the urban heat island effect.

In a nutshell

My mission is to empower individuals to unearth their purpose and architect a life of profound meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

My writing covers a diverse range of topics across articles and books, designed to promote personal growth, understanding, and impactful decision-making. You’ll find in-depth exploration of mental models and their application in everyday life, including practical mental model ‘cookbooks’. I also delve into life design, offering insights to help you craft a purposeful and fulfilling existence. Beyond these, I have authored and illustrated three children’s picture books — ‘An Unforgettable World’, ‘We Are All One’, and ‘Bird Nerd.’ They serve to inspire and educate young minds. Additionally, keep an eye out for my upcoming book, “Mind Guide,” which is set to hit shelves soon.

Every other Tuesday, I send out a newsletter filled with thought-provoking pieces. These ideas are designed to spark introspection and inspire action, helping you make meaningful strides in your personal and professional life.

I offer personalized mentorship to entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to grow. My guidance can help you navigate startup life and leadership challenges, providing you with the tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

The ‘Problem Solving with Mental Models’ is a 52-week email series where you receive one new mental model each week for an entire year. Mental models are practical thinking tools that simplify complexity, and enhance our understanding of the world around us. They guide our perceptions, bolster decision-making, and aid in problem-solving. Subscribers gain access to these powerful cognitive tools delivered directly to their inbox.

I’m always excited to connect with like-minded individuals and fellow change-makers. Whether it’s for a chat, a podcast appearance, or even a speaking opportunity, I’d love to hear from you: contact@readjuancarlos.com