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The Master Mind Newsletter is a bi-weekly companion for anyone passionate about personal growth, meaningful success, and well-designed life. Curated and written by Juan Carlos, each issue brings you a wealth of thought-provoking insights, actionable ideas, and effective strategies to unlock your full potential.

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  • Unpacking Mental Models: Gain clarity and improve decision-making by leveraging powerful mental models.
  • Personal Growth Strategies: Discover actionable tactics and principles to fuel your personal and professional growth journey.
  • Life Design Tips: Learn practical tips for designing a life in alignment with your deepest values and aspirations.

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Hi, I’m
Juan Carlos

Fueled by a passion for storytelling and excitement for life design, I find joy in reframing narratives to illuminate paths toward fulfillment. My experience spans high-growth startups, filmmaking, and social impact, culminating in my authorship of “Mind Guide: 49 Mental Models for Effective Decision Making.” Through mentoring and coaching, I guide teams and individuals to discover purpose and cultivate a meaningful life.

My Story

I started in film, directing award-winning features such as ‘Know How’ and ‘Second Skin.’ These cinematic endeavors earned me recognition and allowed me to serve as a spokesperson for Adobe. I founded the White Roof Project, a grassroots climate activism campaign that mitigated the urban heat island effect and spurred community-led social change.

I carried my storytelling skills and passion for societal transformation as I transitioned into the startup ecosystem. Initially, I contributed to social impact apps, converting complex issues into accessible solutions. This early experience laid a foundation for my later work, where I led the development of groundbreaking products within high-growth startups. My work has underscored the potential of technology to innovate industries and amplify the quality of human life.