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What Are Mental Models?

By Juan Carlos

Mental models are thinking tools that help guide and shape our perceptions of the world. They simplify complexity so we can understand life better, make decisions confidently, and solve problems.

Are They Useful?

When approaching a problem, it’s not one size fits all. It’s better to have a lot of different thinking methods so you can choose the right framework. In life, we tend to hone our skills in a specific field. As such, we rely on what we’ve learned and how those experiences have led us to think, but counterintuitively, specialization can cause blind spots.

It’s not so different from using a hammer to nail everything, and discovering a screwdriver can screw things in better than a hammer ever could. The more tools you have at your disposal, the more capable you are of choosing the correct one. In a mental model’s case, the benefit of selecting correctly is the ability to see clearly.

By comprehending the best thinking from many disciplines, you can view any problem objectively. Whether the concept comes from physics or psychology, these thinking methods can be used for multiple purposes. Having the faculty to select one purposefully from your metaphorical bookshelf is what you’re aiming to achieve.

Are They Perfect?

Nope, mental models are imperfect, but when used correctly, they can impact your outcomes significantly. It’s important to frame them as a resource rather than a source of truth, and in that format, they deliver utility.

Are They Important?

If these were different times, perhaps Mental Models would be less useful. However, with the war on truth, and a lack of digital media literacy, there’s precious little humans have at their disposal to parse reality.

Mental models are essential because we need to find ways to parse, analyze, and interpret incoming messages from the outside world.

As a complex organism, humanity has never been harder to grasp or comprehend how billions of us create, think, love, hate, and exist in space every day.

We are polarized people having difficult, vitriolic discussions, and we are alienating each other. This has to change.

Why Now?

The world needs independent thinkers now more than ever. The demand is for people to come to the table and discover new solutions to old problems.

While it’s impossible to see outside of our own experience and live unbiased lives, giving yourself a chance to take a step back when others are racing forward is imperative.

The quippiest quote or sensational outburst cannot define us. Instead, the most measured and earnest voices must prevail.

If you’re interested in parsing reality more reliably, engaging in independent thinking, and figuring out how the world works, join me on this journey to learn more about the Mental Models available to all of us.

Hi, I’m
Juan Carlos

Fueled by a passion for storytelling and excitement for life design, I find joy in reframing narratives to illuminate paths toward fulfillment. My experience spans high-growth startups, filmmaking, and social impact. Through mentoring and coaching, I guide teams and individuals to discover purpose and cultivate a meaningful life.

My Story

I started in film, directing award-winning features such as ‘Know How’ and ‘Second Skin.’ These cinematic endeavors earned me recognition and allowed me to serve as a spokesperson for Adobe. I founded the White Roof Project, a grassroots climate activism campaign that mitigated the urban heat island effect and spurred community-led social change.

I carried my storytelling skills and passion for societal transformation as I transitioned into the startup ecosystem. Initially, I contributed to social impact apps, converting complex issues into accessible solutions. This early experience laid a foundation for my later work, where I led the development of groundbreaking products within high-growth startups. My work has underscored the potential of technology to innovate and amplify the quality of human life.